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We are disappointed in the range. We just went over 2k miles and we are lucky to get 60 miles in ECO PRO on the freeway doing 68 mph. On a sunny day last week we managed 66 miles! Woo Hoo! We also found out that a small mountain pass on the REx gas mode would only keep us at 52 MPH, and most semi trucks were passing us. Sigh...

But the point of this post to say that we recently charged at the Vallejo City Hall free station and I plugged in one of the chargers and it wouldn't charge, with a fault error on the unit. I switched to the other one and it started charging normally. When I picked up the car, to my delight, the electric range on COMFORT jumped to 88 MILES! It said 98 on ECO PRO and 119 on ECO PRO+. Woo Hoo! I actually got 90 miles on this charge cycle, so what the heck! Since then it is back to normal.

Anyone else had this miracle happen to them?
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