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I get 70-80 miles on a charge. The readout, I have found, is not absolutely accurate in real time. At a full charge, I can go 3 miles and show a loss of 9 miles of charge. When it hits 40 miles remaining, the deterioration in range is far less pronounced. The range after a charge also reflects your driving pattern of your last use. Therefore, you can see 70 miles or 90 miles on the readout after a charge, but it means little. After the software upgrade, this became more frequent.

My range, of course, is highly dependent upon how I drive. Comfort or Eco mean little in the end. If I mash the accelerator, I use more electrons. If I use a light foot, I do much better. 75 mph on the freeway uses a lot of power. Congested freeways allow for lots of regeneration, so you use less power. Hills kill the range uphill. Trying to do a mountain pass in ReX after hauling at 75 mph will result in a big decrease in speed. I once dropped from 75 to 35 on a moderate hill on the freeway. Use a light foot when in ReX. As Scotty once said, "Capt, I can't change the laws of physics!"
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