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I have now done 2,300 miles in my i3REX since new and the battery miles estimate seems to be getting more accurate over time. When I fully charge the battery at home, the battery miles estimate is typically in the mid 70s.

Last week I decided to see how far we could go by battery and the answer was: 73 miles actually driven and 10 miles left at the point when I switched the petrol engine on to do the final 19 miles to home. This was using Eco Pro and EcoPro+ as the weather was not hot and I did not need air-conditioning switched on. I did cruise on the M40 at between 65-70 mph and no doubt I would have got a few more miles by going at 62-64 mph.

I had hoped to do the whole journey on battery but a road was closed and I ended up doing extra miles. With an REX this was no problem but I can imagine it would have given me a lot grief in an all electric version.

I find it intriguing that on BMW's "BMW iCommunity Forum" that my comments about cruising at about 64 mph on long runs with the REX running to hold the state of charge evoked a comment that this really was too slow. BUT it seems that to get close to 100 miles out of a battery charge you must be driving even slower and putting in a lot of effort to extract every extra mile.
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