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It is now January 2016 and my i3 REX is not doing so well on battery power. It seems to be influenced by:
lower temperatures - around 6C
the need to heat the cabin
the need to demist the front windscreen

I now know why the Mode is called "Comfort" as it is the only one the warms up the car quickly enough. I start a journey in "Comfort" mode and switch to "Eco Pro" as soon as the car is warm enough and I am now getting about 62-67 miles on battery running round Milton Keynes. I also find the car mists up the front windscreen quickly compared to other cars I have owned when in Eco Pro mode. I try to reduce the need to use the air-conditioning for demisting by setting the air flow to the screen only and that does help.

I wonder how far it will go on battery with heating on full and temperatures below freezing? This reduced range in winter makes me even more glad that I got the REX version. I also wonder whether the petrol engine will be able to hold the charge on a long winter journey in very low temperatures without having to drive at stupidly slow speeds. You can't do a lot with about 34 bhp.

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