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My i3 REX is down to about 55-60 miles range when the temperature is below about 5C and down to about 0 degrees C. This is when driven carefully and switching between Eco Pro for heating and Eco Pro+ [with fan off] for as long as possible.

I have achieved 100% efficiency on some short trips with the temperature at 0-7C and so I can achieve good battery use BUT the problem is that heating uses much battery power. What is doubly annoying is that in Eco Pro mode, when the car reaches the set temperature [20C], it stops heating and the fan stays running thus blowing cold air at me - not what I want. I therefore have to switch the fan off. I am not impressed by this. I have to say that "Comfort Mode" really is a good name as it is the only mode where you are really comfortable in winter.

I agree that pre-heating the car helps, but I am not so sure I would set off on a long journey with the threat of freezing weather. In fact, I have decided against doing so and will use one of my old Citroens instead. As far as I know, if I am stuck in a traffic jam at 2C, the REX will not run unless the battery is down to the last 6 miles or so [the auto switch-on point]. Therefore being stuck in a traffic jam uses up battery and one hopes the jam does not last too long!

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