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During my first winter with the i3REX [in England], the heater was needed and that reduced the range considerably. In "Comfort" mode I was down to 55-60 miles when adding together the distance driven and the battery distance still available. If using "EcoPro", it improved somewhat BUT I was not happy with the car blowing cold air in when it go up to temperature. I had to switch the fan off to stop the cold air flow. The last car I remember this happening with was on my 1995 VW Vento VR6 that did not have aircon.

We did a trip from home in Buckinghamshire to north London on a cold winter's day with the temperature just above freezing point. The car was pre-heated and thus warm when we set off and I used "EcoPro+" mode. The heating and aircon was "off". Much to my surprise, the car stayed warm for the 52 mile trip and I used the fan to clear the windscreen twice. This was a better performance on heat retention than I was expecting.

It is now the end of May and in "EcoPro" mode and driving gently I am back to 75 miles on battery.

What is clear to me is that driving an electric car involves a lot of compromises in winter and, I assume, in very hot weather with the aircon in use. An i3 REX is not a replacement for a "regular" petrol/diesel car in my opinion. To put it starkly: one of the old cars I own is a Citroen Visa Special with a 35bhp twin-cylinder engine. It has a top speed of 78 mph, a 0-60 mph time of between 26 and 30 seconds and it hates hills and or heavy loads. Its twin pot engine is the same size and power as the one in the REX i3 and to maintain charge in the i3 REX, you need to be using less than 35 bhp on average and effectively be driving it like the Visa 652cc: slow on acceleration and cruising at 56- 64 mph. If you are driving on battery, I think that the good mileage range comes when driving as if the car still only had 35 bhp. That is the compromise. Fortunately, the i3 can accelerate [using more than 35 approx bhp ] when needed but that will use up more battery each time you do it than the REX can replace in the short run.

The i3 REX is good but a long way from perfect!
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