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In April 2017, my i3 REx went in for its first service at nearly 9,000 miles [and first time back to a BMW dealer in nearly 2 years] and had the bolts replaced on the engine mounts and a replacement charge control unit. The car required a software update to - as I understand - moderate the initial torque when setting off to stop any twisting of the petrol engine mounting frame.

As a result of the software update, the indicated range has improved and running around Milton Keynes in EcoPro+ and runs of 40 miles, it is now showing over 80+ miles based on miles driven and claimed miles left in the battery. What I have not yet discovered is whether this is a real increase in range or whether the battery charge indicator is more optimistic at the full end of the battery than it was and will lose miles more quickly as it drops to low a percentage charge.

I also wonder if BMW is now more confident with the battery and is allowing more of the total capacity to be used when driving.

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