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The first car I owned was a 1958 Ford Anglia 100E - the 3-box version before the rake back window Anglia. It was "powered" by a 1172cc side-valve engine developing about 34 bhp. I bought it in 1967 and did 33,000 miles in it to 1971. The car had majordesign failings:

1. It had a 3-speed manual gearbox and there was a huge gap between second and top. The noise level was very high at 32 mph in 2nd gear! On a hill with so little power, top [geared at about 14.5mph per 1,000 revs] was often unable to to be used and you ended up crawling at 25 mph in 2nd gear. A 3-speed box may work in the USA in the 1950s with big engines with lots of torque low down but it was useless with low-powered engines outside urban areas. Idid manage to get it up to the NW of Scotland though.

2. It had vacuum wipers. As the mechanism aged, you had 6 strokes of the wipers, then lift off the throttle to fill the vac tank, then drive for as long as possible for hopefully more than 6 wiper movements. Again a US influence that did not work on small UK engines: on a hill or when working hard there was no spare vacuum.

3. Steering was too vague: see where it was going and correct it.

4. No fresh air heater, just a recirculation one. It worked a bit but there was also no fresh air in the summer through the heater vents: only windows.

Cruising at 47 mph it would do over 40 mpg.

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