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Post BMW i3 Weight Specifications

The BMW i3 has a curb weight of only 1,195 kg (2,634 lbs)
- carbon fiber reinforced plastic passenger cell
- 50:50 weight distribution
- MacPherson single-joint front suspension and a five-link rear setup
- 19-inch wheels are covered in specially-developed 155/70 R19 narrow tires

2014 BMW i3 full specifications released
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How does this compare to other electric vehicles? This seems like it would be a bit heavier or is that wrong?
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Weight specs seem pretty good to me for an electric vehicle. I wouldn't consider this heavy or light. I'm sure BMW put all their tech into it to make sure its as light as they could get it at an affordable price.
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From the reviews I read BMW tried to use the lightest possible materials in as many things as they could, including the interior. Don't think they can drop too much more weight without the price of the car skyrocketing.
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