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Post BMW i3 Technical Data


BMW eDrive energy consumption in kWh/100 km 12.9
CO2 emissions in g/km 0
Energy efficiency (with Range Extender: CO2 efficiency)

Range and charge time
Electric range in km 190
Electric range (mean customer value) in km 130-160
Max. total range (most efficient mode) in km 190
Capacity of lithium-ion battery in kWh 18.8
Fast charging, e.g. at DC fast-charging station: DC; 125 A; 50 kW (80 %) Under 30 min.
Charge time of high-voltage battery in h at 16 A (80%) 6-8

Unladen weight in kg (EU) 1,195/1,270
Max. permissible weight in kg 1,620
Permitted load in kg 425
Permitted axle load front/rear in kg 750/910

BMW eDrive
Electric motor: Output in kW 125
Electric motor: Max. torque in Nm 250

Top speed fully electric in km/h 150
Acceleration 0100 km/h in s
Elasticity 80120 km/h in s 4.9

Tyre dimensions front
155/70 R19
Tyre dimensions rear
155/70 R19
Wheel dimensions front 5Jx19
Wheel dimensions rear 5Jx19

Taken From: BMW i3 : Technical data
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