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Wink USB port not recognizing flash drive.

I successfully loaded a group of MP3 files in my HDD on my BMW I3. After doing so and enjoying the music (with the flash drive removed), I decided to reorganize my music into folders (playlists), added more MP3's, etc. I did so on my MacBook Pro using the same flash drive. On the I3, I deleted the previous music folders and, under options, cleared the free memory. After turning off the I3 and charging overnight, I reinserted the same flash drive and the USB port does not see the drive. I tried various combinations of reinsertions and at one point copied the entire drive and my 2 Profiles to a second flash drive and tried that. Both flash drives work fine with both a Mac OS computer as well as a Windows 8.1 computer. Is there something I must reset in the control module in order to have it acknowledge the USB connection? If so, how? I am unable to export my Profiles any longer as well, as the I3 does not see the flash drive after insertion. Help please?
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Check the file names on the folders do not have spaces or special characters. I can make files on my Mac that a PC will not read
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