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Default BMW REX Drivetrain Problems

After much delibaration, i finally took the plunge and ordered a caparris white REX i3 with all the trimmings! Took delivery within 6 weeks of ordering, which was a great surprise considering all the wait times i'm hearing of. Picked up the lovely motor and managed to enjoy a whole week of i3 coolness. Sadly that is where it ended, first drive train fault appeared after doing about 120 miles with the REX.....

Collectively now i have owned my i3 5 weeks, and BMW have had the car in the garage for 33 days of that 5 weeks!! Putting over 600 miles on the vehicle whilst completing 'testing'.

First time it was in the garage for 12 days where they swapped out a wiring loom to do with the charging system. They then completed several software 'updates' which included running the REX for 9 hours at a time! This seemed to solve the problem for a week and then the drivetrain fault returned with also SOS system malfunction, seat restraint fault, and airbag warnings.

Since then it has been in the garage for 21 days so far, where they have changed out the safety system controller (solving all the SOS system faults etc). The drivetrain error however is still an ongoing issue. It turns out most REX's have a design issue that when they are run for any length of time, moisture gathers in the electric drive motor coming off the REX and triggers an alarm which then sets off the drivetrain fault. BMW have swapped out the elec drive motor with a new 'modified' one from BMW germany. But after a long distant test drive fault returned. They have now ordered another 'new' elec drive motor this week and are confident this will fix it......I'm not holding my breath.

BMW UK have a severe lack of knowledge on BMWI cars as it stands, they've had to get there special BMW experts over to look at my car and still havnt fixed it!! Cannot believe they put the car to production when it seems to have such a glaring fault?! Being an Engineer myself (not professing to be any sort of expert) but i can instantly tell the BMW service manager doesnt know what he is talking about and is just trying to placate as they use my car as an R&D experiment.

So far i've been supplied with a brand new 320d xdrive m sport as a courtesy car. BMW have just agreed to pay the first month finance payment on the car, any diesel fuel used and a gift card to use in the dealership. Better than nothing but i'm in talks with getting more out of them.

First ever brand new car and i'm so disappointed. Completely hooked on electric motoring, especially the i concept but can not believe how much problems i am having!! I can see that others are having the same issue, have you managed to get to the bottom of it?


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Angry Drive train problems

I have an i3 REX which has just produced a drive train fault. It appeared after a long journey using the REX. BMW advised that I could continue using the car (which I did) and the fault disappeared after a day or so. Next time I did a long journey using the REX for an extended period the fault came back again. Thanks for your post. I'm pretty sure my local dealer has no idea what is causing the problem. I'll give them a print of your post to help them along! They alway have to ask Germany before doing anything to the car.

I also have problems with adaptive cruise control dropping out and other ancillary tech not working reliably. My car has had two software updates already!

I think you are correct when you say the i3 is not production ready. We are doing a Beta test for BMW at our own expense and inconvenience. The Drive Train fault is the 3rd fault on my car which has required a dealer fix.
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Default More Drive Train Problems

After having the car at the dealer for nearly a month to correct a Drive Train Warning problem and other niggles I have had my car back just about long enough to run up another 1000 miles. Guess what? Now I have a Drive Train Warning again and have to wait another month for the dealer to check this fault out. Very frustrating!
Seems that when I drive 80 or so miles on the REX at motorway speed I seem to produce Drive Train warnings.
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drivetrain, malfunction, problems

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