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Default MP3 playback from USB memory stick

I recently had an i3 with range extender for an extended test drive, during which I played an MP3 audiobook directly from a USB memory stick plugged into the socket under the armrest. I found that every time I stopped the car and then started it again, the player advanced to the beginning of the next track. If I had been playing music, this might have been acceptable (or even advantageous) but the fact that I was playing an audiobook meant that I always missed the end of a chapter as the player kept advancing to the next track.

When I spoke to the salesman he said that this was how it was intended to operate and even when I contacted the i3 customer services department, they assured me that this was correct.

It seems incredible to me that BMW would change the normal playback mechinism which has been in place since the days of cassette and 8 track, where the player would always continue playing from the same location after the car had been stopped and restarted. Since I always listen to audiobooks in the car, as far as I am concerned this is a 'show stopper'. It also seems incredible that no-one else on the forums has picked up on what would appear to be a significant flaw in the audio system, especially as the 'ST1211' ￿Head unit seems to be used in a number of other vehicles.

Could anyone tell me whether there is another way to playback MP3's so that the 'car' remembers what it was playing when it was stoppped and continues from that point when it is next started. I was wondering if I uploaded the MP3 files to the cars memory whether that would fix the problem. Alternatively if any one could confirm that this is the only way that MP3's (or any audio files) can be played, then at least it would put my mind at rest.
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I am not experiencing the problem you describe. I do have the HK upgraded ssyem. Don't know if that matters.
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