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Default feedback

Seeking feedback from current i3 and i8 owners! Why? I am student studying car design, and my project is to design an i3 concept for roughly 2022 (just the interior right now). So part of the process is to find what the owners like and hate about their car so we can improve on it. Also I want to look at how this vehicle fits in to your life style. Iíve been reading through the post, but anyone willing to help answer a few questions would awesomeÖ.

What do you like about your i3ís interior?

What do you like dislike about the interior?

Is there anything you would like to see added or just done differently?(ex: like the shifter location)

I am interested in how the i3 fits into your life?(ex: do you live in the city/ do you drive it daily)

I am curious in the type of work you do as an i3 owner?(does not need to be to personal)

Other things such as personal interest/hobbies/type of things you like to buy(whatever comes to mind donít stress it)

Why the BMW i3 and not one of the other EV?

Have you ever owner any of the other EV cars how does your experience compare to the i3?

And one last: if there is anything you just want to say about your experience I am all ears.

Again this is just a student project and thanks for any and all feedback.
You can PM if you donít want to submit here thanks -Josh
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