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Post BMW i3 with REX from 2014 with 71.000miles/114.000km


I am new user in forum. I want to ask you for advice.
For last few months I am looking for used BMW i3 with REX.

Usually price in Poland for used BMW i3 with REX started from 140.000 PLN which is about $35.000
Last week I found a special price 90.000 PLN which is about $22.500
This is gross price so I can also have benefits with 23% of VAT if I will lease a car.

The seller is an authorised BMW dealer.

More information about car:
Produce: 2014 / Register: 2015
Model with REX
Mileage: 114.000km/71.000miles

Origin price for new model was 220.000 PLN it's about $55.000
The car is well equipped with LED headlight, park assistant, cruise control with stop function..

I know that 114.000km/71.000miles is not so much for a petrol engine, but for BMW battery?
The warranty here in Poland is for 5 years/100.000km so it's no longer valid.
In case of this dealer propose me extra 2-year warranty for the car - exclude batteries and don't want to offer any warranty for batteries.

You are better experienced then me, so please answer my questions:
- Is that mileage is ok and I shouldn't worry about it? (I make about 8000km per year)
- Is there any good way to check the battery, can you advice me how to check the condition of the battery?

The worst thing is that car is now unregistered so it doesn't have a register plate and insurance, so dealer can't offer me a test-drive. They said that I can drive it only when I pay for the car and they get the plates and insurance then. In my option if there is something wrong with the batteries - then it will be to late for have any complaints about battery condition after I made a payment.
Of course dealer offer me a test-drive with a newest i3

Another this is that if car was registered in 2015 and did 114.000km, so simple maths shows that..

114.000km : 2 year = 114.000km : 700 days = 162km(101miles) per day, EVERY day
Is that possible? I ask BMW dealer to ask first owner of the car -can I contact with her to ask a few questions, but they said that they can't do this in case of special procedures
From this what I know she (first owner) left the car as self deposit and take newest BMW i3 with 94Ah

I really want to buy this car, but I don't want to have a problems with batteries. I will appreciate your advices.

Thank you
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