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Default Finally took delivery of my i3 Rex last weekend

Well, at long last, my i3 Rex is on the drive! I've had it a week so far, and am genuinely delighted with it. The novelty of purring around in silence has definitely not worn off! However, other features are also unexpectedly good - the media / sat nav / comms (and integration with my iPhone 5) is excellent; and the handling is also great - you can really hustle it along country roads (although this doesn't do much for battery life); and the rear suicide doors and boot space (including the little boot in the nose) make it surprisingly practical and usable. We have a total of 3 cars plus a motorbike, but the i3 has instantly become absolutely the family transport of choice for pretty much all journeys.

The only two slight dissapointments so far are:

(1) Range: I may have a pretty heavy right foot, but even when I'm trying to be good, I don't get anything like the 80 - 85 miles on battery only that is claimed. The normal electric-only range seems more like 50-55 odd miles, even in EcoPro mode.

(2) Rex: the range extender is excellent - almost silent in operation, cuts in and out seamlessly, and easy to activate manually if you want to - but if you're cruising on a level dual carriageway or motorway at 75mph, it struggles to maintain the charge level - I find the electric range still drops away slowly (i.e. it's having to 'top up' a little from the battery to maintain sufficient flow of power). Combining (1) and (2) together means the overall, practical range (certainly on a journey with quite a lot of motorway) is really closer to 100 miles on electric + Rex, rather than the 160 advertised. I'm only a week in, so maybe that view will change - but that how it appears at the moment. Obviously, the great thing about the Rex is you can just top up with fuel if needed and you're never stranded, but that kind of defeats the point!

Oh, and the home charge point I had installed by British Gas (would have been completely free, but I went for the high powered / fast charge 30 Amo option which is a 99 extra) works well too. The installation is very neat, and it seems to top up the car pretty quickly. I plug it in pretty much every time I park up (as it's very quick & easy) and it's quickly back up to full charge. Despite doing some reasonably long (100 mile) journeys, I haven't had to top up the Rex fuel tank yet!

Hope that helps... to all others who have ordered: enjoy!
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Excellent read Jonny!
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Thanks, Mike.

I'm now 1500 miles into ownership. Still delighted with it, here are a few other observations based on more exposure:

Range: seems to be improving a bit - or maybe I'm just getting better at ekeing the most out. Drove to London City Airport the other day (67 miles each way) with the cruise control set to 75mph. Made it there with 12 miles range still showing, then charged up fully, and made it back with 5 miles range still showing. Pretty good.

Charging: generally fine, starting to make use of the public chargepoints (which generally work well, although it's a shame no Type 2 charging cable came with the car). My home charge point sometimes fails to 'handshake' with the car, however - so you get a red light (not charging) and you have to unplug and re-plug in. This happens about 1 in 3 times, so a bit annoying but no big deal.

Wind / road noise: for a car with such a quiet drivetrain, it's a pity wind and road noise is not better supressed. I guess this is a function of it being very light (so presumably very little noise insulation), but at motorway speeds there's quite a bit of background noise, and you have to turn up the radio to hear it.

But overall - fantastic, and still highly recommended!
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