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Post Video: Watch The BMW i3 Park Itself

Video: Watch The BMW i3 Park Itself

The BMW i3 has a ton of cool and nifty features that really help make it feel like a car from the future. But beyond being all-electric and built from carbon fiber, one of the less-publicized features is the BMW i3ís ability to park itself. This next video shows the BMW i3ís park assist feature in action.

Owner Michael Thwaite, like many of us, didnít even realize his BMW i3 has a park assist feature, though he must have checked off the $1,000 Parking Assist Package option when he ordered his car. While self-parking cars arenít anything new, itís a feature BMW hasnít exactly publicized in the media blitz for the i3.

Yet as we can see from Thwaiteís video, the self-parking system works quite well, parking the i3 into a snug parallel parking space, presumably between Thwaiteís two other green cars (a BMW ActiveE and what looks to be a Ford Fusion Energi).

Thwaiteís reaction is one of excitement, surprise, and a little bit of unease Iím sure. Iíll admit, itís still a bit unsettling to watch a car park itself, the steering wheel spinning freely and the pedals operating themselves. But this is what the future looks like! Cars that park, and eventually drive, themselves, quietly and with zero emissions of any kinds.

Damn, I love the future.

Article Found At: Video: Watch The BMW i3 Park Itself | CleanTechnica
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