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  1. Checking oil level on i3 REX
  2. battery charge vs physical miles
  3. All-New Electric BMW i3 Video Review: Should Tesla Be Worried?
  4. Nissan, BMW, Look to Adopt Tesla’s Charging Standard
  5. BMW i3 REx vs. Chevrolet Volt: two different approaches to plug-in hybrids
  6. BMW i3 check engine light issue close to resolution
  7. BMW i3 electric 2014 -BMW i3 drives for sustainability
  8. BMW Debuts Smart Charging App for 2015 BMW i3 and i8
  9. BMW i3 Poll reveals surprising facts about who buys electric vehicles
  10. Video: Watch The BMW i3 Park Itself
  11. Car Review: 2014 BMW i3
  12. BMW i3 REx rated at 117 MPGe, 39 mpg with 72-mile EV range
  13. If the BMW i3 is the electric car of the future ... there's no need to worry
  14. BMW’s i3 Is Fun, Quirky, and Pretty Damn Expensive
  15. BMW i3 & i8 repairs and safety (carbon fiber 101)
  16. 2014 BMW i3 REx Range-Extended Electric Car: On Hold At Ports (UPDATED)
  17. BMW's i3 Challenges Tesla for Hollywood's Premium Electric Car Crown
  18. BASF Reveals More BMWi3 Materials
  19. 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Rated At 81 Miles, 124 MPGe: BREAKING
  20. Do The BMW i3 And i8 Electric Cars Pose A Threat To Tesla?
  21. BMW i3 test drive: The second best electric car that money can buy
  22. BMW i3 Vs BMW Active E Range Test Proves How Much More Efficient the i3 Really Is
  23. Range-Extended BMW i3 Gets Full $2,500 California EV Rebate
  24. How Does It Feel To Drive The BMW i3?
  25. 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Online Configurator Now Live
  26. As BMW i3 US launch nears, more details discovered
  27. Real World Range Test: BMW i3 vs BMW ActiveE
  28. BMW i3: car review
  29. BMW i3 Finally Gets Australian Price And Release Date
  30. How to Get a BMW i3 Electric Car for Just $18 a Month: Use Teslanomics
  31. The BMW i3 may well have killer looks, but she's just bags more trouble
  32. 2014 BMW i3: Polarizing Looks, Average Range--Can It Succeed?
  33. BMW i3 will come with unusual 'OwnersChoice' non-lease option
  34. Battery BMW has power to go extra mile
  35. Life360 App Goes Mobile in BMW i3 – Video
  36. BMW i3/i8 Delayed For Australia Due To High Demand
  37. Not All BMW ActiveE Drivers Moving To BMW i3, Poll Finds
  38. BMW i3 Coming With Tailored Financial Solutions
  39. BMW i3 with range extender could arrive after HOV stickers run out in CA
  40. Video: BMW i3 and BMW i8 at Tokyo Marathon 2014
  41. Will 6-Month Wait Time For BMW i3 Hurt Sales?
  42. BMW i3 Review from AutoGuide.com
  43. BMW i3 Review from Left Lane News
  44. Dealers Seem Confused About How To Sell The 2014 BMW i3
  45. BMW's Toughest Task: Training Its Dealers On i3 Electric Car
  46. Video: BMW i3 Hot Lap – Part 2
  47. 2014 bmw i3 - first drive
  48. Frustration as first electric BMW i3 orders limited to $50,875 “Launch Edition”
  49. 2014 BMW i3 Electric-Car Orders Limited To Single Trim Level (For 3 Months)
  50. BMW i3 wait list grows to six months
  51. BMW Advertises i3 And i8 Electric Cars On Olympics Broadcasts
  52. BMW's new i3 electric car is sold out for now, gets HOV lane stickers in California
  53. 2014 BMW i3: Carbon fiber electric car with a 6 month waiting list appears
  54. 2014 BMW i3 Continues Skinny Seat Trend
  55. BMW CEO: US i3 Sales to be a “Couple Thousand” in 2014
  56. Almost 90 percent of dealers will sell the electric BMW i3 and BMW i8
  57. ThyssenKrupp Sets up Production Line for Batteries of BMW i3
  58. Benoit Jacob, head of BMW i Design, explains the BMW i3
  59. BMW Chief Thinks BMW i3 Is Greenest Car On Planet & Better Than The Model S?
  60. BusinessCar Awards 2014 - Green Model of the Year: BMW i3
  61. BMW's i3: A New Kind Of Electric Vehicle
  62. BMW i3 vs rivals: electric car triple test
  63. The First BMW i3 Owner Review
  64. Drive up to 160km for three bucks in the new BMW i3
  65. BMW i3 Lease Terms Emerge, Cadillac ELR Too, Both Pricey
  66. BMW i3 has S.F. flair - and can be orange and black
  67. BMW i3: driving the electric rebel in Munich's stable
  68. The BMW i3 could be your first EV
  69. BMW takes a chance with i3's ultrathin seats
  70. BMW i3 qualifies for both green and white HOV stickers in California
  71. What's it like to drive the all-electric BMW i3 production car?
  72. The BMW i3 electric car mixes virtue and fun
  73. CES 2014: Test driving BMW's all-electric i3
  74. Hands-on with BMW's self-parking i3
  75. Nvidia showcases Tegra in-car with the BMW i3
  76. BMW i3 Range Extender reportedly doesn’t qualify for White Sticker in California
  77. BMW i3 launch in Sofia
  78. Electric cars in 2014: Should I wait or should I buy?
  79. Telsa S and BMW i3 electric cars shortlisted for 2014 Car of the Year award
  80. Top 10 Super Green Things About The BMW i3
  81. Actress Anne Hathaway Is NOT The First 2014 BMW i3 Owner In The U.S.
  82. BMW i3 Range Extender – Review by CAR Magazine
  83. Top Gear drives the mighty BMW i3
  84. BMW i3 Ordering Guide Now Available for North America
  85. Anne Hathaway rides in BMW i3 electric car not yet available in America
  86. 2014 BMW i3 On The Track: Maker Releases First Hot-Lap Video
  87. BMW i3 – Track Review With Pro Driver
  88. BMW i3 and Tesla Model S Make Shortlist for 2014 European Car of the Year
  89. 2014 BMW i3: Cheaper To Repair, Insure Than You'd Expect
  90. DRIVEN + VIDEO: An In-Depth Look At The All-New BMW i3 As CNET "Checks The Tech"
  91. 2014 BMW i3 review | video
  92. BMW i3 Electronaut Edition in the works - report
  93. BMW i3 London test drive easier to arrange than expected
  94. BMW i3 Global Sales Forecast: 21,416 in 2014 Followed by ? in 2015 – BMW i8 Sales For
  95. Tesla Model S vs. BMW i3 – Comparison & Test Drive
  96. BMW i3 Video Review by CNET
  97. OH SNAP! Tesla Chief Engineer Compares BMW i3 To Ikea Furniture!
  98. New BMW i3 outsells rivals
  99. BMW i3 waiting list five months... for a test drive
  100. The All-Carbon Electric BMW i3 Doesn't Ace Safety Test
  101. First Review In: 2014 BMW i3 Range Extender Performance Limited
  102. BMW i3, Chevy Spark EV and Fiat 500e Were the Electric Stars of the 2013 LA Auto Show
  103. 2014 BMW i3 First Impressions
  104. Render – BMW could stretch the i3 to spin off an ‘i5′ family car
  105. BMW i3 is best electric car for driving and comfort, but may be too 'green'
  106. LA Auto Show 2013: New BMW i3 - No Longer a Need to Fill'er Up
  107. Review: BMW i3 (+ VIDEOS)
  108. BMW i3 with range extender is a different experience
  109. BMW i3 video road test
  110. BMW: i8 sold out, i3 records 10k orders
  111. Test Drive: BMW i3 has electrifying moments
  112. First drive: Shocking 2014 BMW i3 electric
  113. Why the BMW i3 is the best electric car on the planet
  114. BMW i3 Deliveries Begin In Germany & Select European Markets
  115. BMW i3 vs Nissan Leaf vs Volkswagen e-Up!
  116. BMW delivers first i3 EVs in Germany, ready to take on Europe
  117. 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Drivers Can Opt For Solar Charging Service
  118. BMW ActiveE owners get the ability to extend their lease until i3 arrives
  119. 2014 BMW i3 Launch Sweeps Europe as 46 Get Keys Early
  120. BMW's i3: A Bold Bet on the Future of Transportation
  121. BMW i3 Launches In Europe On November 16th, America Still Waiting Until 2014
  122. BMW i3 Range Extender review
  123. First Drive: 2014 BMW i3
  124. BMW i3 Demand Will Be Strong In U.S. Too, Says Executive
  125. New BMW X5 and i3 win 2013 Golden Steering Wheel award
  126. Hands-on: BMW i3 review
  127. ISO Certificate Says BMW i3 Is Squeaky Clean
  128. Drag race: BMW i3 vs BMW M3
  129. BMW i3 review: The iPad of the automotive world
  130. ULTIMATE ELECTRIC driving machine? Yes, it’s the BMW i3 e-car
  131. BMW i3 from $60K
  132. More Tesla-Mercedes projects to challenge BMW i3?
  133. The Future of Transportation, for Some of Us: 2014 BMW i3
  134. Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy Nominee: 2014 BMW i3
  135. BMW's charge to the future
  136. BMW releases TV spot for all-new i3 electric car with video
  137. BMW unveils illuminated outdoor ad to promote electric i3 model
  138. BMW i3 and i8 materials to be shared
  139. 2014 BMW i3
  140. Your official BMW i3 photo gallery
  141. BMW i3 review
  142. 2014 BMW i3 first drive review
  143. 2014 BMW i3 EV drive review
  144. The Names of BMW's i3 Trim Levels Are Hilarious
  145. First drive: BMW i3
  146. Got 75 minutes to burn? Watch the bmw i3 being assembled
  147. Bmw i3 soundtrack caught on video
  148. BMW i3 Charges at First Ever Public Charging Station with Combo-Charger
  149. In Electric BMW i3, Hopes for a Stylish Future of Green
  150. BMW Tests Light-Weight Assembly for Electric Cars
  151. BMW i3 Begins Production, Carbon Process Plays Key Role
  152. BMW Begins Spitting Out i3 Electric Cars
  153. With or without a range extender, BMW i3 gets $7,500 federal tax credit
  154. Rendered: BMW i3 M
  155. Road Tests: 2015 BMW i3
  156. I Got A Ride In The 2014 BMW i3 And I Liked It
  157. Why the BMW i3 is a truly game-changing electric car
  158. BMW i3: driving the change
  159. Poor Little BMW i3 Gives Up, Is Abandoned In NY Suburbs
  160. Frankfurt motor show 2013: BMW i3
  161. Revolutionary BMW i3 Welcomed By UK Government Minister and Mayor of London
  162. Spotted: BMW i3 in Arravani Grey
  163. BMW Picks Tech City Startup to Promote Electric i3 Car
  164. BMW i3 and i8 price concerns ahead release
  165. BMW i3 Wins At The 2013 Next Green Car Awards, As Does The Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF
  166. 2014 BMW i3 Preview
  167. i3 electric is BMW's eco-star
  168. BMW vs. Tesla – A Future Rivalry? Tesla CEO Laughs at BMW i3
  169. BMW i3 vs Tesla Model S: A Competition?
  170. BMW i3 – Consumers Reaction
  171. BMW i3 (2013) 170bhp hybrid available on order
  172. BMW’s plan: To sell you on the benefits of their electric vehicles
  173. 2014 BMW i3 a realistic electric alternative
  174. What Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks of the new BMW i3...
  175. Giggle-fest: Tesla's Elon Musk and analyst discuss BMW i3 electric car
  176. What BMW's i3 Tells Us About Batteries And How They Still Suck
  177. Why BMW’s i3 Electric Car is Really a Plug-in Hybrid
  178. BMW I3: a revolution
  179. BMW counting on i3 to improve image, i8 will follow weeks later
  180. What if the BMW i3 Looked Like This?
  181. BMW i3 Sales Predicted to be Between 3,500 to 3,800 Units Per Year
  182. BMW i3: As Green As It Gets
  183. Drive a BMW i3 at Frankfurt auto show
  184. 2014 BMW i3: The new reality of urban mobility
  185. BMW i3 – Design Analysis
  186. Electric BMW i3 generating real buzz
  187. BMW’s i3 electric car earns gushing praise
  188. The BMW i3 Electric Vehicle Updates The Graduate: 2014 --One Word; Fibers
  189. Nailed It? Why BMW’s New i3 May Be the Most Popular Electric Car Yet[
  190. 2014 BMW i3 is a realistic all-electric alternative
  191. BMW i3: Cheap, mass-produced carbon fiber cars finally come of age
  192. First look at the BMW i3 electric car
  193. Car and Driver: 2014 BMW i3
  194. BMW unveils i3 electric car in the carbon fiber flesh (video)
  195. 2014 BMW i3 electric car makes its worldwide debut!
  196. BMW Officially Unveils The i3, An Electric Hot Hatch With A $41k Starting Price
  197. 2014 BMW i3 revealed: It’s not just a new BMW, it’s a new kind of car
  198. World Debut: The 2014 BMW i3
  199. The Electric BMW i3 Is Not Hot But It'll Sell
  200. BMW i3 gets official worldwide [UPDATE]
  201. BMW i3 pictures and hands-on: The premium electric megacity car
  202. BMW's new i3 steps on Tesla's toes
  203. BMW i3 ConnectedDrive Remote app lets you check status, plan routes, set the aircon
  204. The ultimate driving EV? BMW launches all-electric i3
  205. World Premiere: 2014 BMW i3 is a realistic all-electric alternative
  206. BMW i3 EV Officially Unveiled, Available Second Quarter of 2014
  207. BMW i3 revealed
  208. BMW launches electric i3 in New York
  209. BMW i3 official launch video teaser
  210. World Premiere BMW i3, New York City, 29 July 2013
  211. 2015 BMW i3 official photos
  212. BMW i3 Range Extender To Offer Up to 87 More Miles, Decreases Performance
  213. First Images of 2014 BMW i3 EV Leak onto Dutch Website
  214. BMW i3 Leaked Photos
  215. Five Reasons Why the BMW i3 Should Be Sold at MINI
  216. Bmw i3 prices confirmed
  217. First Photos of New BMW i3 Electric Hatch in Final Production Guise
  218. BMW i3 to go on sale in Canada in 2014 at $44,950
  219. BMW i3 Priced From $42,275 In US
  220. 2014 BMW i3 Priced From $41,350
  221. BMW i3 to cost $41,350 in the US, 34,950 euros in Germany
  222. BMW's New Electric Car Is Surprisingly Cheap
  223. BMW i3 to start at $41,350*
  224. BMW i3 electric car will sell for $42K in the US: Watch out Ford and Nissan
  225. BMW i3 is headed to the US in January 2014; priced around $35,000
  226. BMW i3 Electric Car To Go On Sale in Singapore in 2014
  227. 2014 BMW i3 Review – By Autoblog
  228. 2014 BMW i3 - Review
  229. Edmunds.com First Drive: 2014 BMW i3 Hatchback
  230. BMW i3 'can be upgraded'
  231. Bmw i3: Driven
  232. BMW i-Series: BMW’s Risky Project
  233. The BMW i3 – Coming to Production
  234. BMW i3 Review by Car and Driver
  235. With i3 Electric Car, BMW Tries to Ease Range Anxiety
  236. BMW’s i3 needs to shock the EV market
  237. The BMW i3: An urban all-electric Internet-connected car
  238. BMW i3 EV – first production car details revealed
  239. Piovan’s Modula drying technology supports BMW i3 and i8 production
  240. 2014 BMW i3 First Drive
  241. How does the BMW i3 drive? Wow!
  242. BMW i3 to be priced as much as a 3 Series, new details and images emerge
  243. BMW i3 may reach the US in January, start at about $34,500
  244. 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car: Connectivity, Navigation Highlights
  245. BMW i3: Tomorrow’s world today
  246. Reports on BMW i3 Release News
  247. Is the BMW i3 Aiming for a California HOV Lane Loophole?
  248. BMW Teases Details about 2014 i3 Electric Car
  249. BMW i3 Twenty Four Page Specs List
  250. Road & Track: First Drive: 2015 BMW i3 prototype