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  1. Beware of software update issues
  2. KLE charger replacement
  3. BMW i3 with REX from 2014 with 71.000miles/114.000km
  4. Almost defunct board
  5. feedback
  6. 2.5 years in
  7. Assessment after 13 months and 6,000 miles
  8. Add your i3 to the electric car map
  9. Portable Charger
  10. BMW i3 REX Petrol Consumption
  11. How far without recharging an i3REX?
  12. BMW i3 mobile ATM
  13. Blue wrapped i3
  14. Alloys for i3
  15. Getting Ecotricity Motorway AC charge points to work
  16. Jinma JMW2200 is a Chinese BMW i3 knockoff
  17. BMW i3 Meetup at ARTIC
  18. MP3 playback from USB memory stick
  19. SoCal BMW i3 meetup at ARTIC
  20. Dash cam installation
  21. BMW REX Drivetrain Problems
  22. USB port not recognizing flash drive.
  23. Leaf owner switching to i3
  24. BMW i3 by Eve Ryn
  25. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  26. Melting & burning temp of the CFRP?
  27. Carrying a Bike
  28. i3 lowering springs?
  29. CFRP life module & assorted body panels
  30. BMW i3 with range extender
  31. Wuling City Car - BMW i3 knock off
  32. i3 new purchaser--advice
  33. Air Conditioning Affecting Mileage?
  34. BMW Rex Problems - after 15days and 800miles
  35. Top Gearís James May considering a BMW i3 for Himself
  36. SPOTTED: Who has seen a BMW i3 in the USA/Canada?
  37. Flat towing a BMWi3 ?
  38. Knee air bags for Driver's side
  39. Dealerships providing more information
  40. Uk charging questions
  41. BMW i3 consumption
  42. i3 Winter Driving
  43. BMW i3 or BMW i5 ?
  44. North America Owners: What BMW i3 Color will you choose?
  45. North America BMW i3 Ordering Guide now Official
  46. First USA owner of BMW i3?
  47. Test Drive Locations?
  48. Real reason for the BMW i3 not being out in November?
  49. BMW i3's spotted?!
  50. OFFICIAL: First forum members who receive their BMW i3 thread
  51. COUNTDOWN TO BMW i3 UK RELEASE: November 16th 2013
  52. How many people have placed their orders / reserved a BMW i3?
  53. Electric source option
  54. Government Tax Credit for BMW i3 Info
  55. Crash test ratings for BMW i3
  56. BMW i3 suicide doors in action
  57. Panoramic Sunroof / Normal Sunroof / No Sunroof Option - your pick?
  58. DVD Entertainment Package
  59. Back seat big enough for adults?
  60. Spare tire or run flats?
  61. BMW i3 Possible Interior Colors?
  62. Build your own BMW i3 (almost)
  63. What driving mode will you use most?
  64. BMW i3 Possible Factory Colors?
  65. Rear windows roll down on BMW i3
  66. Newbie: All wheel, front wheel or rear wheel?
  67. Gorilla Glass on the BMW i3 ?
  68. BMW i3 0-100 kmh or 60 mph
  69. BMW i3 predicted sales numbers?
  70. How big of a success do you think the BMW i3 will be?
  71. Canadian release date
  72. Why go electric?
  73. Have you lost or gained interest now that production is revealed
  74. Favorite picture of the BMW i3 so far?
  75. Two tone color here to stay?
  76. BMW i3 Unveiling official video
  77. New take on an old gearshift. What do you think?
  78. New BMW i3 commercial?
  79. Do you like the production BMW i3
  80. Differences on Production VS Concept BMW i3
  81. What do you think of the BMW i3 Production Interior
  82. BMW i3 in winter, is it possible?
  83. BMW i3 Tax Credits in Canada
  84. BMW Canada taking different sales approach than BMW USA?
  85. Release Date - what do you think?
  86. Pricing Details Released - Is it too much?!
  87. BMW i3 Navigation Screen Size
  88. BMW i3 Media Brochure
  89. BMW i3 Battery is upgradeable
  90. Traffic Jam Assistant make it to the USA
  91. What did you find in BMW Spec Sheet PDF?
  92. Battery Charge losing charge
  93. Government Tax Credit for BMW i3
  94. Electric Car Charging Stations?
  95. Have you seen a BMW i3 in person?
  96. Navigation system and computer system standard?
  97. Serious Buyers - Are you one of them?
  98. Screening process to buy BMW i3
  99. COUNTDOWN TO BMW i3 DEBUT: July 29th 2013
  100. BMW i3 email list
  101. BMW i3 commercials?
  102. BMW i3 styling, do you really like it?
  103. Europe release VS North America Release
  104. Car seats in the BMW i3
  105. Keyless option on BMW i3
  106. Automatic only transmission on BMW i3
  107. BMW i3 - family or weekend toy
  108. When will you buy the BMW i3?
  109. BMW i3 Official Site
  110. Popularity of the BMW i3 is better than expected
  111. BMW i3 First Drive / Review Thread
  112. Plug in System for BMW i3
  113. Four door or sliding seats?
  114. Two tone color on BMW i3
  115. BMW i3 release date?
  116. What is the expected range for the BMW i3?
  117. Engaging the BMW Dealership
  118. Comparable electric cars to BMW i3
  119. BMW i3 - what color do you want it in?
  120. How much are you willing to pay?
  121. Have you owned an electric car before/currently?
  122. What car are you currently driving?